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Tesco Blue Tokens

It is great to have a good relationship between schools across Horley. We particularly value our relationship with our close neighbour Horley Infant School. However, things are about to get nasty! We have heard via the Horley grapevine that war has been declared over the Tesco Community "Bags of Help" (Blue Token) scheme, with both Yattendon and Horley Infant School selected to take part from April to June.

Whilst I would hope that most parents consider their child’s head teacher to uphold the values that are dear to them, the gloves are now off! Mr Walters has asked for a battle… and a battle he shall have! Please make sure you do not leave Tesco without a (legal) raid on their blue token pot (please practice your best - desperate, pleading - face in front of a mirror). We cannot take this challenge sitting down! We will keep it friendly, of course, but we will take no prisoners! By the way, we are raising funds for an emergency defibrillator to be fitted outside the school.