Who's Who

Teaching Staff



  Class Teacher  Responsibilities/role


Mr Guy Perkins          

 Head Teacher - Deputy designated safeguarding leader



Mrs Ruth Bienkowski



 Acting Deputy Head Teacher
Non-class based Mrs Kirsty Morgan  Assistant Headteacher - Leader of special educational needs  in Years 3 and 4
Mrs Stella Coulson  Assistant Headteacher - Leader of special educational needs  in Years 5 and 6
3P Miss Katrina Pirt  Lower school leader and leader of Year 3

6R Miss Vicki Rose  Upper school leader and leader of Year 6
6J Mr James Murtagh  Year 6 class teacher
6M Miss Sally Moss  Year 6 class teacher



Mr Sam Stewart


 Year 6 class teacher

5B Miss Alison Burgess  Leader of Year 5 and class teacher
5R Mrs Rachael Sims
 Year 5 class teacher

Mr Santosh Shirodkar

 Year 5 class teacher
4W Mr Josh Wretham  Leader of Year 4 and class teacher
4K Mr David Keyte  Year 4 class teacher

4P Miss Laura Putland  Year 4 class teacher


Miss Katrina Pirt

 Leader of Year 3 and 3 class teacher

3E Miss Emma Butler  Year 3 class teacher



Miss Laura Riddell

 Year 3 class teacher
Non-class based Mrs Netti Lawrence  Specialist reading recovery teacher

Non-class based Mrs Sue Ballard  Specialist music teacher

Non-class based Mrs Victoria Cole  Specialist art teacher





Non-class based Mrs Caroline Lafon  Specialist French teacher

Year 3 and Year 5

Mrs Louise Fernandez  Teaching in 3P and 5S 
  Mr Christian Harding  Speech and language therapist



Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)


   Name  Role
Mrs Gill Labbett
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Status
 Deputy designated safeguarding leader, ELSA (emotional  literacy support assistant), home-school link worker 
Mrs Louise Ruffle
 Learning support assistant
Mrs Claire Haycock  Learning support assistant; senior midday assistant
Mrs Jayne Kinasz  Learning support assistant
Mrs Jeanette Maishman  Learning support assistant
Mrs Sue Windmill  Learning support assistant
Mrs Charlotte Stark  Learning support assistant
Mrs Fiona O'Brien  Learning support assistant

Miss Rhiannon Sims  Learning support assistant

Mrs Sarah Green  Learning support assistant

Miss Jessica Hubbard  Learning support assistant

Mrs Karen Burrell  Learning support assistant

Mrs Jen Pearson-Young  Special Educational Needs Assistant
Ms Kate Humby  Learning support assistant
Mrs Corlia Bloch  Learning support assistant

Mrs Amal Zughaid  Learning support assistant

Miss Charlotte Wright  Learning support assistant

Miss Aymin Sultan

 Learning support assistant



Administrative and Caretaking Staff 



  Name  Job Title
Mrs Carole Price  School Business Manager      
Mrs Cathy Bailey  Administrative assistant -
 school office team

Mrs Nicki Cobby

 Admin assistant with finance and personnel responsibilities -
 school office team

Mrs Karen Pickett  School receptionist - school office team
Mrs Fiona Viles  School office team



Lunchtime Staff


  Name Role
Mrs Angela Odartey  Catering manager

Mrs Sairah Abdool  Head cook
Miss Kimberley Carr  Catering assistant
Mrs Debbie Collins  Midday assistant (MDA)


Other Midday Assistants:

Mrs Claire Haycock (MDA Supervisor)

Mrs Colia Bloch

Miss Rhiannon Sims

Mrs Kate Humby

Mrs Fiona O'Brien

Mrs Amal Zughaid

Mrs Charlotte Stark

Mrs Jessica Hubbard



OSCAHs Breakfast Club and After-School Club



  Name Role
Mrs Elaine Beach Manager of 'OSCAHs'                
Mrs Debbie Collins  'OSCAHS' assistant