Year 5

Samba Drumming

Samba Drumming 1
Samba Drumming 2
Samba Drumming 3
Samba Drumming 4
Samba Drumming 5
Samba Drumming 6
Samba Drumming 7
Samba Drumming 8
Samba Drumming 9
Samba Drumming 10
Samba Drumming 11
Samba Drumming 12
Samba Drumming 13
Samba Drumming 14

Tie Dye

Tie Dye 1
Tie Dye 2
Tie Dye 3
Tie Dye 4
Tie Dye 5
Tie Dye 6
Tie Dye 7
Tie Dye 8
Tie Dye 9
Tie Dye 10
Tie Dye 11
Tie Dye 12
Tie Dye 13
Tie Dye 14


DT 1
DT 2
DT 3
DT 4
DT 5
DT 6
DT 7
DT 8

Cooking Pizza

Cooking Pizza 1
Cooking Pizza 2
Cooking Pizza 3
Cooking Pizza 4
Cooking Pizza 5
Cooking Pizza 6
Cooking Pizza 7
Cooking Pizza 8
Cooking Pizza 9

Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017

Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 1
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 2
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 3
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 4
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 5
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 6
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 7
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 8
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 9
Roman Day Pictures 10th November 2017 10

Welcome to Year 5!


The Year 5 teaching team this year are:
Miss Burgess 5B

Mrs Sims Monday - Thursday 5R

Mrs Fernandez Friday 5R
Mr Shirodkar 5S


Our support staff for the year are:
 Miss Hubbard, Mrs Kinasz, Mrs Windmill, Mrs Bloch

Welcome back to Summer Term 1- we hope you have been enjoying the sunshine.


This term in Literacy we are continuing to improve our language and writing skills with a text about an story to create an atmosphere of fear.   The children have already begun to use their story mapping and acting skills to recall and retell the story.  We will also be looking at non-chronological reports and the features needed to produce an effective piece of writing.    


In reading we are using South American stories to help us improve our retrieve and inference skills .  


Our focus this term in Maths is fractions, decimals and percentages.  We need to be able to convert between the three areas, order and compare them and use them in real life problem solving questions. 


Our new Geography topic for this half term is South America and we will be exploring this exciting continent finding out about the physical and human geography of the region.


In ICT we will be creating our own games.


The Home Learning letter will be sent to you on Thursdays via email in order for us to be a little more environmentally friendly; you can also still find a copy here on our Year 5 page. Home learning will consist of a maths and literacy task each week as well as a longer piece of work to carry out over the half term which is topic based.  In addition, some children have been given times table sheets to practice in order to help them become fluent in all their tables. 


Home Learning is due in on Tuesdays and Home Learning club will be available on Friday lunchtimes in The ICT Suite.

Spellings will be given out on a Thursday and tested on the following Thursday.

Please make sure children are remembering to hand their home learning in on time and are recording their daily reading in their Home School Contact Books.  This is something that the school is monitoring.


Don't forget if you need to talk to us about anything please contact the office to arrange an appointment in order to ensure we are available.