Surrey County Council no longer produce glossy booklets on the primary and secondary admissions process and encourage parents to access this information online here.


Admissions for September 2019


From 29th October 2018:

Parents and carers who live in Surrey will be able to apply for a primary school place. Applicants are encouraged to apply online at in order to prevent delays with postal applications.


15th January 2019:

Closing date for reception and Year 3 applications. Applications submitted after this date will be considered as late unless they are late ‘for good reason’. Applications must be returned directly to the child’s Home LA and not the school.


On the 16th April 2019:

Letters will be sent by 1st class post to applicants who applied on paper and those who applied online and have not been offered their first preference school.


Applicants who applied online will be sent an email or receive a notification through the app ‘ParentComms’ with their outcome. Online applicants may also log in to their online account to view the outcome.


By 30 April 2019:

Applicants will be asked to accept or decline their offer either online or by returning the paper reply slip to A&T.



Late applications and changes of preference - primary, infant or junior schools

If you submit your application or make any changes to your preferences without a good reason after the deadline, your application will be treated as late. This may affect the possibility of your child being offered a place at one of your preferred schools.

Between 16 January – 11 February 2019

If there is a genuine reason for late application or changes to your application – for example a change of address or circumstances - supported by written details and evidence, we will treat your application as on time only if the details reach us by 12 February 2018.

After 11 February 2019

All applications received after 12 February 2018 will be treated as late applications and only considered after all on-time applications have been processed. It is likely that there will be no vacancies at the school you applied for, as these will have been allocated to those applying on time. However,  if there are vacancies we will co-ordinate offers of places to these schools, based on the school's admission criteria. If there are no vacancies your child will be placed on the waiting list for the school(s) you have applied for.

After 16 April 2019

Any application received after 16 April 2019 will be treated for waiting list purposes alongside on time applications, with any places allocated according to each school's admission criteria and not according to the date the child was added to the waiting list.

Applications received towards the end of the summer term or during the summer holidays may not receive an outcome until the start of the autumn term, due to school closures during the summer break.

School Admission Appeals

Closing dates: The closing date for appeals to be lodged for September 2019 entry is TBC. For more information please refer to the Guidance Notes. Appeals resulting from in year applications should be heard within 30 school days of being lodged.

In Year Applications

If you are applying for a place for the current school year, you will need to complete a Surrey County Council in-year application form   


Waiting List Information

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for Year 3 - 6 please email the school office team -  You will also need to submit a Surrey County Council in-year application form. All our year groups currently have long waiting lists and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your child will be offered a place.

Admissions Policy for 2019

Admissions Policy for 2018